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This website is owned and operated by Sergio Rodriguez, an engineer and online marketer from South Florida. In addition to his engineering career, computers have always been of great interest to Sergio. When the Internet first came along, it completely fascinated him to the point of researching and learning as much as he possibly could about this massive global network of computers. He began building and tweaking websites, and before long he found himself designing websites for friends and co-workers. This newly found hobby eventually led him to become accredited as a Certified Webmaster.

Sergio continued to expand his online knowledge and eventually decided to start charging for his services. In fact, since 2008 he has been generating a significant income from the Internet. Over the years, he has created several online businesses, from building niche websites in high demand markets, to running online marketing campaigns for himself and for clients. He has even mastered the art of self-publishing and has launched his own series of ebooks.

This particular site was created after Sergio realized that there was way too much misleading information on the Internet when it comes to making money online. In fact, he himself has purchased numerous training courses that promised results, but gave him nothing more than overwhelm and frustration. This website is his way of clarifying as much as he can in hopes that more people will learn the right way to generate a legitimate income online. His mission is to provide trustworthy information on all things related to Internet marketing, and to reveal proven methods that will help others succeed with their own online businesses.

Career-wise, Sergio is a Research & Development Associate Engineer with over 30 years of experience within the Medical Device Industry. He takes great pride in his many contributions to the medical field. His technical skills and creativity have resulted in him being instrumental in the conceptualization through to commercialization of various medical devices, many for which he holds United States Patents. Academically, Sergio has an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. He has also completed various higher level courses in Business Administration with the intent of some day completing a MBA.

Sergio lives in Miami with his beautiful wife, Ivia. Although not currently working in her field, Ivia is a licensed Dental Assistant with a broad range of experience from working with various dentists and oral surgeons. She has completed numerous specialized courses within the dental field and has received countless letters of recognition from different specialists in appreciation of her superb collaboration. Today, Ivia not only helps to manage Sergio’s online businesses from home but also runs her own Internet based beauty products and fashion business.

In addition to their growing online businesses, the couple have been blessed with three amazing children. The eldest, Alexander, often helps dad with ideas for future websites while his younger sister, Karina, enjoys sharing beauty tips with mom. And as for the youngest, Vanessa, well lets just say she does a fantastic job of keeping them all on their toes.

And last but certainly not least, this is Charlie.

Thank you for visiting SolidWebTools.com. Feel free to contact Sergio if you have any questions, he personally replies to all his messages. Simply go to the Contact Us page to message him, you can go there now by clicking here!